Continuation of Defensive Handgun

Continuation of Defensive Handgun

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This course was designed to take the knowledge gained from the Introduction to Defensive Handgun course and build on it. This continuation course is more rigorous to ensure you are proficient in both motor skills and state of mind. While it is advantageous to know the most effective method, we want you to be interested in learning how and why it is effective. Through stress inoculation, you will discover shooting from an entirely new platform.

The instruction given by the staff at Proper Defense is dynamic. While all of our classes have a structured curriculum (listed below), each class may vary depending on the students' level of proficiency. We encourage you to view the outline as an glimpse of what to expect; however, the topics covered may change.

Course Outline:

  • Brief review of Introduction to Defensive Handgun
  • Shooting from non-conventional platforms
  • One handed operation
    • Support & strong side
  • Shooting with a secondary task
  • Shooting from cover

Course Requirements:

Prerequisite: Introduction to Defensive Handgun or similar

  • Appropriate eye & ear protection
  • Handgun & a minimum of three magazines
  • Handgun & magazine holsters
  • Ammo requirement is a minimum
    • 400 rounds
  • An hour-long lunch is factored in to class time. 


  • Hamburg Rifle & Pistol Club
    • Forge Dam Rd, Hamburg PA 19526
    • Date
      • August 5th & 6th, 2023
      • September 3rd, 2023
      • October 8th, 2023
    • Time
      • 0800-1700
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      • $319