Low Light/No Light Handgun

Low Light/No Light Handgun

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When faced with a deadly encounter, we are often at a disadvantage because of the unknown. We are unaware of the assailant's motive and his/her intentions or capabilities. The element of darkness is yet another hindrance on our ability to perform. According to the US Department of Justice (2016), 47% of all violent crimes are committed between 8 PM and 12 AM. What if you could make this a battle easily won?

Whether dealing with residential/commercial buildings, nighttime scenarios, or just Mother Nature, a flashlight quickly becomes a necessity. This course covers the essentials of selecting proper light equipment, weapon-mounted and hand-held light sources, and techniques for effective search, navigation, target identification, and engagement of potential threats.

Course Requirements:

  • Appropriate eye & ear protection
  • Handgun & a minimum of three magazines
  • Handgun & magazine holsters
  • Flashlight
    • Handheld and/or weapon-mounted
  • Ammo requirement is a minimum
    • 100 rounds


  • Hamburg Rifle & Pistol Club
    • Forge Dam Rd, Hamburg PA 19526
  • Date
    • TBA
  • Time
    • 1900-2200
  • Investment
    • $129